Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting Darlington

infographic demonstrating the before and after of crown lifting.

What is crown lifting ?

Crown lifting is a Tree pruning method that removes the lower branches of the tree, raising or lifting the height of the crown. This method needs to be done in reference to a specific goal such as ” Crown lift to give 3-4 metres clearance above ground”.

The aim of a crown lift is to increase the vertical space beneath the tree. This in-return magnifies the visibility, and enhances the functionality of the area around the tree. Our experts at Tree Surgeon Darlington will plan out the best possible way to execute crown lifting on your tree with a well thought out strategy. After the job is done, we remove all traces of mess.

Some Key references to crown lifting:

  • Branch Selection: When choosing to have a crown lifting done, the arborist will carefully select which lower branches to remove then carefully work his way up till the ideal height you have picked. Which is called clearance height.
  • Clearance considerations: Crown lifting is carried out to provide adequate clearance above the ground level. This is done to enhance the visibility as lower branches may obstruct views.
  • Pruning technique: The choice of pruning technique deployed is vital as there will be direct consequence to the future growth of the trunks. If not done right it will cause large wounds on the trunk , which may become decayed overtime and struggle to heal.

Crown Lifting is often carried out in residential and commercial properties. To enhance the functionality and safety of the surrounding landscape. Excessive crown lift can have adverse side effects on the trees health and stability. It is also important to avoid removing substantial branches that grow directly from the trunk, as this will cause large wounds as discussed earlier.

Crown lifting is not a complicated task, however if done by someone with a lack of experience and training can result in damage to the tree. If you any questions related to crown lifting or need professional advise please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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