Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction Darlington

infographic demonstrating the before and after of crown reduction

What is Crown Reduction ?

Crown reduction is a tree pruning technique that focuses on the reduction of height, spread and volume of a tree. Crown reduction also removes dangerous deadwood and crossing branches. The primary objection in crown reduction is to manage trees that have overgrown there available space, clearance issues and to allow more light and visibility into the landscape where it is placed. We’re your local accredited team of experts at Tree Surgeon Company Darlington to provide you an affordable crown reduction service.

Some key aspects to crown reduction :

  • Evaluation and planning: An arborist will first survey the tree and come up with a plan identifying which branches or areas of the tree that require attention, they will then determine the extent of reduction necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Selective branch removal : The arborist will then start removing whole branches to reduce the size and density., and may shorten certain branches to achieve the desired reduction.
  • Balanced Reduction: Tree trimming is almost like haircuts, you don’t want to go overboard when trimming your hair, that’s the same with crown reduction. The crown reduction should be performed in a to maintain the tree’s natural shape and balance, taking into account the trees growth habits and branch distribution.

Crown Reduction is particularly useful in tackling issues such as clearance from nearby structures, Fences, power cables or roads, as well as reducing the risk of falling branches during storms and high winds.

If you have any questions regarding crown reduction please don’t hesitate to contact our team.