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Here at Tree Surgeon in Darlington, We specialize in Providing professional hedge trimming and pruning services. The manual labour of maintaining a beautifully crafted hedges can be an exhaustive task, with your time best spent somewhere else. That’s why our customers rely on us to keep there hedges healthy, beautiful and well-maintained. Our team of skilled arborists can craft beautiful designed hedges in whatever shape or size best fits your imagination .


Cutting hedges law UK

There are some laws and regulations as well as guideline in regards to cutting and trimming hedges. It is best practice to familiarise yourself with these regulations so you don’t receive any unwanted warnings or fines. These regulations have been put into place to protect wildlife habitats and balance the needs of property owners.

  • Hedge Cutting Season: If your hedges contain nesting birds or other wildlife. Then you may only cut during the hedge cutting season which usually runs from March 1st to August 31st.
  • Highways And Road Safety: This is really important as unmaintained hedges can cause accidents and obscure vision if if the hedges are adjacent to roads, footpaths or highways. Trimming and cutting hedges in these are areas are necessary for safety reasons.
  • Boundaries & Neighbours: Overgrowing branches from your neighbours hedges can make it unpleasant for your side of the garden. But there is something you can do about this if your neighbour refuses to cooperate, there is a course of action you can take. You have the right to trim back any overgrown branches to the common boundary. where your two properties meet.
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Types of Hedges We Commonly Work With?

Hedge Trimming is our forte, and over the years we have had the pleasure of providing trimming a variety of hedges. Typically the hedges we cut include:

  • Wisteria : Those beautiful purple flowers, that bring tranquillity and beauty to any home, these usually need pruning twice a year.
  • Beech Hedges: Beech Hedges form a large majestic tree for spacious gardens. Bright green in the summer and beautiful brown in autumn . These beautiful hedges need regular and careful maintenance for it to remain thick and healthy.
  • Fern and Leylandii; This is a very common border hedge. These beautiful hedges need to be cut back once a year at minimum.
  • Laurel and Privet: Laurel is the quickest growing evergreen hedging plant. These hedges can be cut to shape with regular care and attention.
  • Hawthorn, YEW , Leyland and many many MORE !!!

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Preserving and maintaining a well-trimmed and healthy hedge can significantly enhance the aesthetics and beauty of your property. Our professional hedge trimming and pruning services, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results. We will shape, maintain and restore your hedges, creative an aesthetically attractive landscape you can be proud of.

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