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Tree Felling & Removal

Tree Surgeon Darlington are experts in tree cutting, maintenance and removal. So if you need the removal of the branches or a complete tree removal, we have the technical equipment to undertake these operations safely removed from any area. That’s why we have been trusted to undertake removal of tree’s in parks and large public landscapes.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

In Most cases a tree doesn’t need to be removed, as long as it has been maintained adequately. Tree crown pruning is the maintenance of trees where you would remove overgrown upper branches. In this Process dangerous deadwood and crossing branches are removed to stop pathogens and diseases infecting the tree.

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Stump Grinding And removal

Stump Grinding is the process where a stump grinder is used to mechanically grind out the stump. Stump grinding is a cheaper alternative to stump removal. Stump Grinding doesn’t full eliminate the roots allowing the regrowth of other small trees.

Stump Removal is the pulling of the stump from the ground , using heavy force and machines with high power. Stump removal is more expensive, harder to execute. But eliminates the regrowth of tress .

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Hedge Trimming & Pruning

You May want your hedges trimmed for a number of reasons, overgrown hedges, unpleasant looking hedges, obscuring windows, doors or views. Rest assured our team have surgeon like hands to craft you a beautiful looking hedge.

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Site Clerance

Site Clearance, The men before the builders as we like to call it. We’re able to clear small to large landscapes/spaces for construction & civil engineering projects. We use specialised heavy equipment’s like mulchers, excavators , tree shears which will be operated by our CSCS-Certified arborists . Our site clearance will leave your site ready for ground work after Mulching excavation



Tree work or any construction work on landscapes which effect the environment , will always have some laws and regulations surrounding it. That’s why it’s important to have a qualified arborist which can guide you on the legal requirements of such work. We carry out both ground and aerial inspections in order to inspect, investigate, collect and record data on the tree.

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Expert advice

We’re proud to be experts in our industry, as being arborist and tree surgeons for such a long time. There’s not an issue we’ve encountered and bought solutions for. You can expert professional and expert advice on all subject matters within arboriculture industry

Cost savings

Not only do we provide high quality workmanship but we also provide affordable prices for residents.

Time efficiency

Time Efficiency is a representation of a companies Operating procedures. That’s why we have everything streamlined from the first point of contact to the completion of the project. We’re not just reliable but we’re consistently on time. That’s why we have been trust by local authorities and businesses.

Local knowledge

It’s Important to hire a tree surgeon that has vast knowledge in urban environments, as forestry and urban require two different skills. We have operated in both fields and have the local knowledge to maneuverer small spaces roads. and narrow architecture with phone lines and electricity.